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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!
Let us accompany you with the guidance of wisdom & clarity that you seek & you need, heading towards that journey of good life!


Courses We Offer

Grammar Masters™ On-Site Classes
Wasity Kiribathgoda
Higher Educational Institute

Online සහභාගී වීමට අකමැති අය Physically පැවැත්වෙන Grammar Masters™ On-Site Classes එන්න

Grammar Master කෙනෙකුවීමට අවශ්‍යය සියලුම කරුණු හා දැනුම මාස 6කින් physically, classes තුළ ඉගැන්වේ. Assignments හා Grammar Masters™ ReFreshers අවුරුද්ද පුරාවටම EarthLMS™ එක හරහා සිදු කෙරේ. මෙය අවුරුද්දක පාඨමාලාවකි.

Wasity Batch 1 ආරම්භක දිනය Saturday (6th of May 2023) වෙලාව 9AM to 3PM
Wasity Batch 2 ආරම්භක දිනය Sunday (7th of May 2023) වෙලාව 9AM to 3PM
Grammar Masters™ Certificate - Grammar Masters Standards ඔස්සේ ඔබේ කුසලතා ඇගයීමට ලක් කොට ඉතාමත් වටිනා සහතිකයක් පිරිනැමේ.

IELTS Preparation Course

Are you ready to achieve your desired IELTS Band Score? Let's find out together.
If there are any gaps in your knowledge, Earth Sir™ is here to help fill them.
We'll create a personalized WorkPLAN just for you, taking into account of your schedule and preferences.
Our program includes skills development, mock tests, and question discussions to help you improve.
With unlimited sessions and a discounted access to our Grammar Masters™, we'll work with you until you're ready to succeed.

Grammar Masters™

ජිවිතයේ ඔබට එන අභියෝග Confidently ජය ගැනීමට අවශ්‍යය English වල 100% Clarity ලබාගනිමින්, Personality Improve කරගන්න Earth sirගේ Next Intake එක හා සම්බන්ද වෙන්න.
Wanna think in English? Wanna think like a native English speaker? Let's master English Grammar with Earth sir! මේක නිකන්ම නිකන් Grammar Course එකක් නෙමේ! මේක Grammar, MASTER කරන Special Programme එකක්.
උදාහරණයක් විදිහට කිව්වොත්, සුද්දෙක්, එක්තරා Idea එකක් එයා හිතල ප්‍රකාශ කරන විදිහයි, ලංකාවේ ඉපදුන කෙනෙක් ඒ Idea එකම ප්‍රකාශ කරන විදිහයි අපි අධ්‍යනය කරනවා. සිංහල වාක්ය Translate කරන එක හරියන්නේ නැහැ කියන එක අපි එතැනදී ඔප්පු කරලා පෙන්නනවා. Grammar හැදෙන්න හේතු, ඒ හේතු වල පිටිපස්සේ තියෙන Rationale (තාර්කිකත්වය) එකත් අපි අධ්‍යනය කරනවා. ඉතා පුළුල් දැනුමක් සහිත Master කෙනෙක් අත්‍යවශ්‍යයයි මේ වගේ පුළුල් විෂයක් හැදෑරීමට. Earth sir මේ සදහා විශේෂ වන්නේ, පුරා වසර 13කටත් අධික ලෙස මෙය Master කරපු නිසයි!!! Cambridge CELTA, Cambridge University UK CEFR (C2) ලබාගැනීම ඉතා අපහසු උනත් ඒ දේ කරේ, Earth sir ඒවා Master කරපු බැවිනි.

Enhance your learning experience via EarthLMS™

We will brief you on everything you need to know once you enrol.

Monitoring every student privately
Easy to follow the curriculum
Advanced features such as vocabulary games, chat bots and much more
100% security of student privacy and data
Proper self-learning guides with materials, Instant Progress Reports
Assignment gradings with improvement plans
Certifications for verification purposes and alumni facilities available 5 years
Session Recordings of every session
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Earth sir™
“Nothing makes me happier than teaching!”
Pruthuvi "Earth" Kalansooriya
English with Earth sir™

"Question: Is it compulsory to take tuition to improve English skills?"

”Well, It depends from person to person whether he or she needs an English skills development course or not.

As an example let's take IELTS. It's just a testing scheme designed to measure your language skills, comparing you to a native English Speaker. You always need support if you are not able to identify your own mistakes when expressing your ideas or thoughts. Yes! It is a harsh truth that there are scammers who do IELTS tutoring, but there are genuine tutors who identify the requirements of the students and guide them to a better version of themselves.

It is always better to not to put yourselves into a bigoted or a big-headed state as there is always a next level for you!!! Let's be down-to-earth.

Always remember there is no such thing as the "best you", you can be "good", but you can always become better!!! Having a master to guide you, is a blessing and timesaving!!!

This is like practising music, everyone can sing and even do voice training by themselves, but going along with a maestro can make you the 'competition winner!'"

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